SEO%20Friendly%20URLs – Watch out, it’s a trap!

Read my previous blog post about SEO Friendly URLs? Go have a read, I cover several methods of achieving SEO Friendly URLs.

Did you read it? Did you read that part about encodeNameReplacements? Yeah, I still don’t like them, but it seems like now we all have to deal with them at least.

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Sitecore WFFM 101

A introduction and quick start to the Sitecore WebForms for Marketers module, a.k.a f***ing Webforms for f***ing Marketers.

  • What is it?
  • How to install
  • How to create a form
  • How to extend
  • Styling
  • Gotchas

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Updating Sitecore Telerik RTE to disable XHTML and strip MS-Word Formatting on Paste

The RTE field in Sitecore is a little bit old fashioned and a little stricter than the most of us would like, especially when you are working with tech savvy editors who may prefer to work directly in the HTML. The current project I am working on is based on the Foundation framework and like most frameworks a lot of the features are enabled using data-* attributes.

Unfortunately the Telerik controls used in Sitecore try to be super helpful and strip out any invalid XHTML. Also unfortunately data-* attributes are HTML5, and not XHTML 😦

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