Sitecore Desktop PowerPoint Presentation Template

In January 2017 I presented at the Sitecore London User Group. Since I work freelance, I don’t have a deck of corporate PowerPoint slides that I need to pimp out for presentation or demos. Apparently those default Microsoft themes are also boring.

So I got round to creating a slide deck. And since I was presenting at a Sitecore usergroup, why not make it Sitecore themed and make it like the desktop! A couple of people asked for it, so here you go.

Download: Sitecore Presentation Template

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Injecting Resources into Experience Editor in Powerful Ways

I recently got a ping back from Eric Stafford on an old blog article of mine, the first one I had ever posted! He was working on some code and needed to inject in some custom CSS into the Experience Editor. We had several conversations on Slack, and I thought I’d post up some powerful ways in which to achieve this. Be sure to check out Eric’s posts, he’s done a fair amount of research into different ways of achieving this as well.


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Harden Security for your Sitecore Client Applications

tl;dr; Ensure you include an Assert.CanRunApplication(“/path-to-application”) check in your custom application to enforce security

Have you created any customs application in Sitecore? Do you use Sitecore Roles to restrict access to those applications?

Often only certain roles should have access to certain pieces of functionality, which is fairly standard requirement, and a common way to restrict access to applications is to remove Read access to the item in the Core Database.

Take for example default out of the box Sitecore applications such as the Indexing Manager. Your average author really should not have access to this more developer centric functionality. And if they did, then nothing too bad could happen, they’d just be able to kick off the re-indexing process. Nothing too bad, but it would be both unexpected and use up server resources for no particular reason.

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