Applying Rendering and Sublayout Settings from Experience Editor

One Sitecore Best Practices is on rendering and sublayouts is to make use of all the setting that are available to make Content Author lives more friendly, namely:

  • Setting a thumbnail which is displayed when they select a component to add
  • Restrict the datasource location to allow better grouping of content types and direct authors towards where datasources should be created to help keep everything organised
  • Associate a template with the component so the correct datasource type is created
  • Setting Compatible Renderings to allow authors to easily switch between renderings without causing errors
  • Make use of Experience Editor/WebEdit Buttons to add custom funtionality

Did Vasiliy do a Friday Best Practice on this yet?

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Config Dumps and Periodically Saving Information about Cache / Rendering Statistics

There were a couple of new pipeline processors added in Sitecore 8 update 3 which periodically save the Cache and Rendering statistics to files in the /data folder. I haven’t seen much mention of them and speaking to a few people it seems to have been largely missed/ignored

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