Custom GoPro mount for Burton ICS Channel Snowboards

Did you get a lovely GoPro Hero action camera for Christmas? Want to somehow mount it to your Burton snowboard? Don’t want to drill nasty holes and use strange, bulky home-made contraptions to attach it?

Just over a year ago I bought a GoPro Hero Black 3+ and also a new Burton Snowboard. It came with the usual array of mounts, so the usual curved mount for the helmet was a very easy choice. I also bought a cheap stick for those selfies, which took a bit of time getting used to, I was still pretty fresh to boarding and having to concentrate on technique, the snow, people and the stick was tough…

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Re-organisation of Include Config Patch files in Sitecore 8

I previously wrote about Organising your Sitecore Patch Include Files, a simple way to ensure that your own patches to Sitecore configuration is included after any other Sitecore patch files. Generally, my preference has been to put all my custom config in /App_Config/Include/[ProjectName].

Just in case you have been hiding under a rock for the past few days, Sitecore XP8 was officially released a few days ago, bringing with it a whole heap of amazing goodies.

It also looks like Sitecore is eating its own canned soup and has started to patch in their own updates, which matches the /bin folder explosion. A post from Scott Mulligan this morning got me to take another look.

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