Issues opening PDF files in IE9 from Sitecore Media Library

tl;dr A bug in the Adobe Reader plugin causes IE9 to not load PDF files in the browser, which can be fixed by disabling chunked transfer encoding in Sitecore config.

About 5 months ago we upgraded a Sitecore 6.4 solution to 7.0. I can’t remember why we didn’t go with 7.1 since it had been released, but I think it may have been because some of the modules we were using (mainly WFFM and ECM) were not ready at the time. Regardless, the issue we faced would have been the same.

The site we were working on was very media heavy – lots of images and PDFs (in fact this was an ideal candidate for CDN, but that’s another story…). During testing we were getting reports of the links to PDF’s no longer working, but intermittently and only for some people. Eventually we narrowed it down to IE9 browsers only.

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Organising your Sitecore Patch Include Files

tl;dr Putting config files in a folder under /App_Config/Include causes them to be patched in last.

Following an answer by @Bruud on Stackflow a few months ago I found out that it is possible to organise patch config files much more neatly. It was also mentioned as a passing comment on one of the recent Google Hangout highlighting the changes in Sitecore 7.X.

I’ve just started working on a few project from existing vendors and noticed the common patch file naming convention to ensure custom changes are applied after the standard Sitecore configs in App_Config/Include, e.g. xCustomSitecore.config and zCustomSitecore.config

It turns out that you can simply put your custom configs in a child folder and Sitecore will include them after any files in /App_Config/Include.

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