Mass Creating Users with SiteCore PowerShell Extensions

Have you ever had to create a lot of users in Sitecore? Maybe you are setting up a new Content Management server and the users will be managed in Sitecore and you have to set up all the new users? Or maybe you need to create a whole bunch of users for the testers to be able to check different types of functionality for different user roles? Or maybe conduct some performance testing?

All of the above was true for us and rather than going Sitecore > Security Tools > User Manager > New then type, type, type and click, click, click, we headed for SiteCore PowerShell Extension. Cos…

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Sitecore Admin Pages Cheat Sheet – New Tools

There have been a few posts which list and explains the various Sitecore Admin Pages and what they do, such as this post by fellow MVP Nikola Gocev, this post by Bjørn Klinggaard and numerous other posts as well.

I won’t repeat the useful info already in those posts. But did you know there are a few new tools in the admin pages?

Wondering how you missed them? The release notes for Sitecore 8.1 Update-2 states the following:

The main highlights of this update:
– Includes all relevant fixes from Sitecore 7.2 update-6

Like you, most of us probably skipped over that line for our Sitecore 8.1 upgrades, but there was some useful info in those release notes.

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