Sitecore Slack – Meme Reference

Nothing technical here, move along. But do come join us in the Sitecore Slack Channel. You can find more info on how to join here: How to join Sitecore Slack Community Chat

We have a Slack Meme integration, just for the lulz. The implementation is using a Heroku app, more info here:

Unfortunately and positively we seem to be burning through the 10,000 free message limit almost every week, so the meme reference room set up by @richardhauer got wiped out pretty quick, I’m just replicating in something a little more static. A recipe for carnage…

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Extending Media Item Templates with Custom Glass.Mapper Data Handlers

On a recent project I needed to add a couple of fields to Media Items templates in order store some additional data. We are using the Glass Mapper ORM in our project and out of the box there are two fields which we can map to: Image and File. I also needed to retrieve the file size, which neither of these fields returned either.

It turned out to be relatively simple to extend Glass Mapper and add our own custom data handler to map the additional fields.

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WebForms For Marketers: Allow selection of existing forms

WFFM. The marmite of Sitecore modules. It’s possibly one of the most commonly used of Sitecore modules but we all love to hate this module. Despite its rough edges, we battle on. I have to admit that I had not used this module in some time; until using it with Sitecore 8 in its MVC guise the last time was over 2 years ago in webforms (ASP.Net, not Sitecore :p).

As improved as it is working with MVC, one thing that frustrated me was creating a bunch of forms only to find that there was a gazillion copies now littered across the site. Why? Because when you add an MVC Form rendering onto the page the only options presented to you is to either create a blank a form or to duplicate an existing one.


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