WebForms For Marketers: Allow selection of existing forms

WFFM. The marmite of Sitecore modules. It’s possibly one of the most commonly used of Sitecore modules but we all love to hate this module. Despite its rough edges, we battle on. I have to admit that I had not used this module in some time; until using it with Sitecore 8 in its MVC guise the last time was over 2 years ago in webforms (ASP.Net, not Sitecore :p).

As improved as it is working with MVC, one thing that frustrated me was creating a bunch of forms only to find that there was a gazillion copies now littered across the site. Why? Because when you add an MVC Form rendering onto the page the only options presented to you is to either create a blank a form or to duplicate an existing one.


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Sitecore 8 Experience Editor – Edit Component Properties causes page to jumps to top

Another quick blog post for a fairly minor bug but causes a big annoyance for the content editors.

I tend to use Rendering Parameters a fair amount, it’s a really neat way of making controls more flexible and customisable without duplicating work, making it much easier for editors. But in all versions of Sitecore 8 I have worked with (update 2 to 5) whenever you click “Edit Component Properties” the Control Properties modal opens up correctly but you also jump to the top of the page:


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The mysterious case of the missing Mode Selector in Sitecore 8 Experience Editor

This is such a simple bug that it’s hardly worth a blog post, but something that has been annoying me for some time that finally this week a colleague of mine pointed out the issue. I noticed a few other people suffering from this on screencasts as well.

Have you noticed that sometimes you’re in the Experience Editor and you want to switch to Preview mode after having made some edits but the switcher menu does not appear? It seemed to randomly stop working but there were no Javascript errors in the console either.

Well, it seems that it wasn’t so random after all and there was a consistency to when it would appear or not appear…

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Prompt User to Select/Create Datasource Item when inserting Rendering via Page Editor

In a recent question that popped up on Stackoverflow, the user was trying to add some content via the Page Editor, but if the datasource was not set they were using code to create a child item under the current item and set that to the datasource. I suggested setting the Datasource Location and Datasource Template fields on the Rendering and just let the user handle the action via the “Select the Associated Content” dialog.

Unfortunately I couldn’t find a good blog post which covered the information I was trying to portray, or my Google skills were lacking a bit. For those seasoned Sitecore developers, this should be pretty second nature, but hopefully useful info for those new to Sitecore and finding their way around.

The following is out-of-the-box functionality, and provides a very user friendly way to add a component to a page and then associate existing or create a new item of a predefined template.

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