Sitecore 8 Experience Editor – Edit Component Properties causes page to jumps to top

Another quick blog post for a fairly minor bug but causes a big annoyance for the content editors.

I tend to use Rendering Parameters a fair amount, it’s a really neat way of making controls more flexible and customisable without duplicating work, making it much easier for editors. But in all versions of Sitecore 8 I have worked with (update 2 to 5) whenever you click “Edit Component Properties” the Control Properties modal opens up correctly but you also jump to the top of the page:


When you have a long page that breaks the editing flow, making the users have to scroll to find their position again. If they were making a design change like a CSS class/styling option then you have to scroll back down, if it’s the wrong one then click again, change, scroll back down…

So, annoying and a time waster.

I finally got annoyed by it enough, and a fact we are at update-5 and the bug still exists, that I went ahead and figured out the fix.

The Simple Fix

In a text editor open up: /sitecore/shell/Applications/Page Modes/ChromeControls.js

On line 214, within renderCommandTag function add: e.stop();

This stops event propagation and the default action triggering.

The outline of the function should look similar to this now:

  renderCommandTag: function(command, chrome, isMoreCommand /*Defines if commnad appears in 'More' dropDown*/) {

    if ("chrome:") == 0) {
      var click = Sitecore.PageModes.Utility.parseCommandClick(;
      if (command.type == "common") { {
          e.stop();   /* ADD THIS TO STOP EVENT PROPAGATION */
          Sitecore.PageModes.ChromeManager.handleCommonCommands(chrome, click.message, click.params);
      else {
    else if ("javascript:") == 0) {      
    else {

    return tag;

That should make your editors happier 🙂

I blogged about a cleaner approach to making this change in the following blog posts, without editing the Sitecore js files directly or hurting kittens 🙂

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